Creating a Happy, Healthy Family: A Blueprint for the Homefront

This seminar is designed to provide participants with useful, practical informative and techniques to improve communication and techniques to improve communication and cooperation in the family. By focusing on the traits and practices of intact and productive families, Rick will assist the participants to a better understanding of family dynamics.

American families in the 21st Century face daily challenges that were unheard of twenty years ago. terrorism, school violence, internet pornography, etc. These challenging times require a very special type of parenting. More than ever, children need their parents to serve as guides, role models, advocates and confidantes. This workshop will assist parents in assuming these important roles.


  • The learner will understand the true meaning of "Fairness" as it applies to the family.
  • The learner will understand the risks of creating "Cornucopia Children" by providing youngsters with "too much, too soon".
  • The learner will learn five strategies and techniques to improve and enhance parent/child communication

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