The holidays are a wonder-filled time of the year wherein friends and family exchange gifts and visits.  Because children with learning differences often have difficulty making transitions, they are often anxious about visiting other's homes, and also may have difficulty playing the role of "host" to holiday visitors.

This article is designed to assist mom as she prepares the child for the holiday festivities. Discuss these important social obligations and expectations with him prior to the visits and provide quick "refresher course" hours before the visit begins.  By preparing the child and being pro-active, you are less likely to be required to react to misbehavior!

Ensure that your child is a welcomed holiday visitor

In order to be a welcome guest, the child should follow these Do's and Don'ts:


Ensure that your child is a gracious host

Holiday time also requires kids to welcome friends and family into their home. You will want to review the following points with your child.


Enjoy the holidays! Shower the people you love with love and during this special, much needed season, let's all remember the words of George Harrison... "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

God bless us everyone.

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