Last One Picked...First One Picked On:
The Social Implications of Learning Disabilities

Extensive studies have examined students with LD who have experienced failure in mainstream classes and adults with LD who have been unsuccessful in employment situations. Invariably, these studies indicate that the failure is due to deficiencies in SOCIAL SKILLS, NOT ACADEMIC SKILLS. People with LD often lack the ability to correctly perceive social situations and utilize required social skills to react to these settings.

However,, using specific strategies, students with LD can be taught to deal more effectively with social environments. This session is designed to assist the adult in identifying and understanding specific social skill deficits and provide related learning strategies.

Among the topics covered in the workshop will be:

  • Impact of social skill deficits
  • Historical perspective on social skills research
  • Weaknesses of traditional social skills training systems
  • Specific strategies to improve social skills
  • Examination of linguistic ad paralinguistic problems and their impact



  • The attendee will be able to identify four areas of paralinguistics and their impact on social skill development.
  • The attendee will be able to recognize symptoms and the significance of attention deficit disorder.
  • The attendee will be exposed to specific strategies designed to promote social skills development at home and in the classroom.
  • The attendee will be able to apply research on development of relationships (Fox/Weaver Study).

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