Life In the Jungle:

A Lovingly Critical Look at the Realities of the Special Education Classroom

In this workshop, the presenter will explore the day to day realities and myths inherent in the education of students with Learning Disabilities. Drawing on thirty years of consulting and administrative experience, the speaker will present insights into frustrations felt by all educational professionals and will provide guidelines and advice for maintaining a healthy and productive perspective on the daily hassles and obstacles of life in the classroom.

As professions, it is important that we act as advocates and agents of change in our schoolsbut we must always be willing to recognize and acknowledge that some things cannot be changed and we must reserve our energies and resources for the battles that can be won.


  • That the learner will understand the concept of "Fair vs. Same" as it applies to the classroom environment
  • That the learner will recognize the primary characteristics of an effective school work ethic
  • That the learner will be exposed to the Fox/Weaver work on student popularity and social status


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