Myths and Misconceptions

No area of education has been the subject of more research and attention as has Learning Disabilities. Currently, nearly every subgroup of medicine, education and psychology is investigating this topic from their own unique perspectives. Learning Disabilities has also been the subject of intense media scrutiny.

As a result, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding this complex field. In order to fully understand Learning Disabilities, these misconceptions must be addressed and explored. As practicing professionals, we must know the truthsand the fallaciesof our field.

Among the topics explored will be:

  • Prevalence of Learning Disabilities
  • Life span issues
  • Impact of current educational policies/practices upon the mainstreamed students
  • Mandates of PL 94 -142
  • Causes of learning disabilities
  • Prevalence of learning disabilities among males vs. females
  • Misconceptions related to Attention Deficit Disorders


  • That the learner will understand the lifespan repercussions of learning disabilities
  • That the learner will understand the basic manifestations of ADHD
  • That the learner will be exposed to the basic historical development of the field of Learning Disabilities


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