These kids are with me”:

The Administrator’s Role in Special Education

This seminar that outlines, discusses and – most importantly – ACTUALIZES a piece of research from Colorado State University that identifies the six traits of effective principals (risk taking, accessibility, collaboration, etc.).  We will discuss and demonstrate each of the traits and offer numerous strategies that principals can use to foster these traits in their own day-to-day performance.

The seminar also discusses the concept of Universal Design that holds that many special education strategies can and should be used in all classrooms to enhance student success and progress.


  • That the participants will develop an expanded understanding of the concept of Fairness (“Fairness does not mean that everyone gets the same; Fairness actually means that everyone gets what he or she needs!”)
  • That the participants will understand the concept of Universal Design and how it can be implemented in the classroom.
  • That the participants will enhance their understanding of and empathy for special needs parents by being exposed to the Westhead research on Stages of Acceptance.
  • That the participants will learn several strategies to recognize, diffuse, prevent and deal with power struggles with students.
  • That the participants will become familiar with the concept and implementation of Transdisciplinary (as opposed to Multidisciplinary) team approach.

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