Improving Home/School Communication
When Elephants Fight, It's the Grass That Gets Trampled

A wise school administrator once cautioned his parent body, "If you promise to believe only half of the things that your child tells you happened at school, we will promise to believe only half of what he tells us about what happens at home!"

Communication between home and school is an important ingredient in a child's academic and social progress. Without this ongoing and collegial communication, the "right hand" cannot be aware of what the "left hand" is doing.

This communication, however, is fraught with obstacles, hurdles and barriers. It is in the child's best interest that parents and teachers become aware of these pitfalls and that they work closely together to overcome them. Open, direct and cordial communication will allow the child to reach his fullest potential.

This seminar will offer practical advice and strategies to foster positive and constructive home/school communication.


  • The learner will be exposed to surveys that explore the traits that a parent looks for in an effective teacher and vice versa.
  • The learner will master several strategies to foster positive communication between parent and school.
  • The learner will master strategies designed to participate more effectively in teacher/parent conferences.